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Pie & Ale From Bakerie
Tel. 0161 228 1610
Unit 2, The Hive, off Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1FN [map]
From the stable of BAKERIE comes yet another freshly baked venture this time in the form of pie.
  Bakerie Pie & Ale, Manchester

Pie & Ale from Bakerie Manchster Reviews
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Pie and Ale, Manchester - Our Review

ToiletsThe end of January saw an interesting invite by Pie & Ale from Bakerie land on the ManchesterBars.Com desk, one which we couldn’t turn down, despite it filling us with fear, excitement and questions all at the same time! They wanted us to not only attend, but participate in the first ever Hot Pie Competition on Monday 3 rd February; a challenge which was sure to test even the biggest eater at Manchesterbars.com!

The challenge, should we choose to accept it; to eat 3 freshly baked, piping hot pies served with 3 sides in under 10 minutes. That’s almost 4lb of food. Choose to accept it? Why wouldn’t we, since Bakerie offer the most amazing pies, all made fresh in-house with a gravy good enough to drink by the pint. But 3 of those big piping hot pies, plus sides, in under 10 minutes? Is that even possible? Nobody in the office knew the answer, but not to be put off we got down the important business of deciding who should defend our honour in this pie eating feat.

After some discussion and excuses, ranging from ‘I’m on a diet’, to ‘I’ll be out the country’, it was decided that Chris was just the man for the job. But could he do it? As an avid fan of Man vs Food, he felt suitably prepared to take on this mammoth task and defeat it.

Bakerie Pie & Ale, Manchester
Bakerie Pie & Ale, Manchester

After what seemed like a long wait, Monday the 3 rd of February arrived, and it was the day on which we would pit our office’s eating skills against 3 of our competitors. So, on a stomach which had consumed nothing but a banana and a few cups of coffee, a very hungry Chris headed to the warmth of Pie and Ale from Bakerie in the Hive, off Lever Street in the Northern Quarter, to attempt the Pie eating Challenge. A little before 7pm he entered the venue to find a crowd of eager spectators waiting for a pie-down, only to find 2 of the competitors had made their excuses for the challenge (Scared of a pie or 3? Who ever heard of such a thing?). But not to worry, Mike the Mechanic of Warrington who was competing on behalf of Onionring, was raring to go.

Gaz from Pie & Ale explained how the challenge would work. All competitors would receive exactly the same plate of food, expertly made, then weighed and would consist of the following - A three cheese and onion pie, topped with a portion of mashed potatoes, a steak and ale pie topped with a second portion of mashed potatoes, the third and final pie would again be three cheese and onion, this time topped with mushy peas, and on the side, half a pint of gravy. How amazing does that sound? Pie heaven! Before the pies could be cooked, it’s time to sign the waiver, and then a final vote of confidence from the staff who cheerfully pointed out they had buckets on hand just in case!

All of a sudden the excited crowd start to ooh and ahh, as the plates of food are walked ceremoniously through the bar to the waiting table, to accompany the pints of already waiting Yipee Pie Ale. These were not part of the challenge, but it’s always good to have a refreshing pint to hand. A hush falls over the room as Gaz announces that the challenge is about to start, proclaiming that challengers can eat the pies, sides and half pint of gravy in any way they like. Do it in under 10 minutes and the food is free. You also become the proud owner of a ‘who ate all the pies’ t-shirt. If you take longer than 10 minutes but less than 30 minutes, you become the proud owner of a ‘who ate all the pies’ t-shirt but still have to pay for your feast. If you take longer than 30 minutes or simply fail to finish at all, then you’re a loser! The fastest time at the end of each month receives an engraved limited edition Pie & Ale tankard, and if you’re the fastest in the quarter, will receive a free firkin (72 pints!) of Yipee Pie Ale to drink in the Pie & Ale function room with your friends!

Bakerie Pie & Ale, Manchester
Bakerie Pie & Ale, Manchester

Competitors ready, and they’re off! Both men dig in with spoons, smiles and gusto. As much as this is a competition, they can’t help but comment to each other on how good the pies taste. At 3 minutes in they are neck and neck, both with a third of the plate devoured, along with a bit of friendly banter in the process. They are going strong. As they are reaching the half way point the pace has slowed slightly seeing Mike trying to cool the pie filling by tactically separating the contents of his plate, and Chris had taken to eating the filling with a spoon and the crust by hand, whilst both agreeing that jaw ache was setting in. Will either of them manage this in under 10 minutes? The crowd start to wonder. Just over 6 minutes in and Chris has taken the lead, Mike is starting to flag, and appears to have made a school boy error by mainly eating the filling and leaving most of the rich crust to the end!

After a bit of a wiggle and sprinkling of vinegar (all those hours of watching Man v Food has paid off), with that slight change of flavour, Chris gets a second wind and sees all 3 pies and sides devoured in under 8 minutes. One man in the crowd comments ‘Who is this guy and why has he not got his own TV show?’. But it’s not over yet, as with just over 2 minutes left he still needs to drink the gravy (what he later describes as a taste sensation). Can he do it? The answer is YES, and in 8 minutes and 52 seconds, Chris has become the first ever person to complete the Hot Pie Challenge and be crowned ‘King of Pies’, well for this week at least. Mike hit the food wall, but with some encouragement from the crowd finished in a respectable 14 minutes.

Bakerie Pie & Ale, Manchester
Think you can beat the times set in week one, reign supreme on the Top Gear style leader board and wear a ‘Who Ate All The Pies’ T-Shirt with pride? If so, and you’re feeling brave/hungry enough, then head to Pie and Ale on Mondays at 7pm to take on the challenge? ~ Manchester Bars (February 2014) Bakerie Pie & Ale, Manchester Bakerie Pie & Ale, Manchester
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